Invitation to Common Sense Nutrition

  • Are you a parent or a person interested in wellbeing?
  • Would you like to learn more about leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
  • Would you love to see the environment you live in harmonize around your health aspirations?
  • Are you wondering HOW?

Here is an open door for you to step in, so you can become more aware of the relationship between your body, mind and spirit. I have implemented holistic changes in my personal life and transitioned my children along the way, and I’m very happy to share my discoveries with you. 

Speaking Engagement:
Here are some topics that I love to share:

  • What is Holistic Nutrition and how does it apply to everyday life?
  • Healthy snacks and lunches for kids for school.
  • Incorporating or transitioning to plant-based eating.
  • Stocking your whole foods pantry and learning to read labels.
  • Implementing sustainable practices in every day life.
  • And more… I’m also happy to design talks according to your needs and interests.

Contingency Planning: Start with healthy habits that lead to the discovery of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Think about the ripple effect of each choice you make. Make a conscious contribution to society. Look within…