Artist in Me

I am…

My story has felt bigger than me for so long. So I just kept quiet about it. I kept going forward in my life, as if none of it ever happened. But the stories kept following me despite my intention to detach myself from the past. As a result my beliefs and my wants were in direct conflict. 

I faced and lived through the war in Yugoslavia, a serious car accident, an emergency c-section, 9 months of vomiting during my second pregnancy followed by anxiety, insomnia and depression. Somehow I managed to do my best to show up in my life, and through prayer and more and more authentic choices I found the courage to love myself.

It wasn’t until I joined the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition  that I learned about the power of whole foods; in particular I realized that each one of us is a small universe belonging to the cosmic universe. I got over my embarrassment of asking for help from a healer and I learned how to accept and release negative emotions. It became clear to me that God had always been there by my side, even when I was in a fear state desperately looking for a way out of my inner prison. I want to thank people who have supported me on this journey: my family, Anthony William (, Caroline Dupont (, Rajka and Zlatko Kupesic (, Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) and everyone on for sharing all their wisdom. (Photo credit: Brian Tao

I encourage each person to notice what gifts have been placed in their basket from the Divine to share with the world, for those gifts are waiting to be seen, just as our unique stories are waiting to be heard.  When each one of us is willing to see ourselves with the eyes of truth, when our true feelings match the way we choose to act, this has a profound impact on people around us. The hero is you.