When is better time to start than NOW?

Start today yourself, and in this way encourage those around you by selecting whole natural food and cultivating food at home like sprouting seeds in jars, or herbs in planters. Take steps to revitalize the planet and sustain its beauty for the generations to come: recycle all of the items you use and reduce by buying less of the items that need recycling. Awareness leads to better choices for the good of all.

How we take care of ourselves is a reflection of how we take care of our children. They look up to us. As parents and educators, we are their role models. What we choose today is important and every single one of us matters. When we make meals ourselves the meals taste better.

Why not act in ways that are contributing to wellbeing and sustainability?

There is a saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Many of us are involved in various roles from parents to professionals, partners and more. While constrained with time in a day with all the obligations, some of us start to loose the touch to what pertains to be the most important while raising children, being emotionally available to children. Spending quality time with children speaks high volumes and it is recognized, not through achievements, rewards or titles, but rather than raising resilient individuals. Therefore, parents need to be lovingly supported by their community rather than overburdened by society pressures to meet all kinds of norms until they crumble under pressure. Does any of us need to loose health and emotional stability before we are recognized in our own eyes first that we need to be respected for all we do? This raises a good question to where is our attention and intent with actions we are taking each day. What I have learned from my experience is that involving children in the process of preparing snacks and meals is a great opportunity to teach children skills for a lifetime. We show respect for our bodies when we provide it with proper nutrients. Choosing respect for ourselves enables us to become role models for others.