Looking within…

Why did I choose Health is WEalth as a name for my Consulting business? Because when you are healthy you can do anything, you can be anything you want to be and you feel free to be.

Health is Time. Time is Wealth. Health is WEalth. 

I hear many people say that they have no time or money to be healthy, and I was of the same belief too at one point, but then sickness occurred and I had to find time to get better.
Choosing a healthy lifestyle one choice at a time, 
means showing up for yourself.

Why WE in Wealth? As individuals we look to belong and with that desire we look to connect with those who share similar interests and beliefs. I imagine a society where people lovingly take care of themselves and cultivate inner peace, so that they can enjoy their human life to the fullest, and deeply connect with each other and the beauty on this amazing planet of ours.

As a child I suffered from allergies and severe asthma, and was frequently rushed to the hospital with an extreme inability to breath. At the time I didn’t know what was happening and neither did my parents, but we all did the best we knew. Today I see more allergies in children than ever before. As a child I felt like I missed out on a lot, because of my health issues. As a mother now, I tell my children that when you choose to take care of yourself you stand out, you don’t miss out. 

It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves. It’s brave to ask for help. If you’ve experienced times in your life when you’ve felt that life is against you, you might want to consider the more uplifting belief that life is giving you the opportunity to make choices from love. How is this current challenge here to help you? Mental health is as important as physical health and our soul’s voice is always ready to be heard. How can we learn to listen?